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Dreaming of Swimsuits, Sunshine, and Summertime

January 28, 2014

Mother Nature is nothing if not brutal in her executions. Two months of bitter cold seem to be never-ending, as it begins to feel as though we’ll never see those sunny days of spring and summer. We wake in our beds, snuggled warm, only to be faced with a whoosh of freezing air the second we step out of the house. Winter is waging a war on us.

We’re fighting back, beginning our search for the perfect swimsuit earlier than anticipated, in an attempt to convince ourselves that the warm days we’re wishing for aren’t that far away.

Inside Beach House - Sunshine and Summertime

Lucky for us, The Fabulous Won‘s Jamie had the same idea. We’ve decided to help her out, and to give you all that little push of motivation to get you through these last few cold days. While you’re layering up to battle the cold, we’re giving one lucky winner her choice of swimsuit to thaw out in this summer. So let your mind wander to warmer pastures, and start thinking about which Beach House swimsuit you’d want to be catching some rays in this season!

Whether you’ve been searching for the classic sophistication of our French Stripe Collection or the retro vibe of our Mod Dot Collection, this is the perfect opportunity to express your style and create a combo that is uniquely you!

To enter, visit The Fabulous Won’s contest page (complete with a comprehensive review of  Swimwear Anywhere), and submit the form for your chance to win! This giveaway is only open until Sunday, February 2, so be sure to submit your entry soon, and start looking forward to some much-needed sunshine!


Healthy Holiday Tips

December 10, 2013


The holidays call for lots of over eating and indulging. There is no need to feel guilty about eating and enjoying this time with family and friends.

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind this season:

  1. Drinks lots of Water – It fills you up and keeps you hydrated, especially after all those holiday cocktails.
  2. End your day with a cup of green tea – This helps curb cravings at night. Instead of reaching for that leftover pie, make yourself a hot cup of tea with lemon.
  3. Get 8 hours of sleep a night – Between holiday parties, visiting family, shopping, etc. it’s obvious we all get a little run down this time of year. Make it a point to get your 8 hours. It will help with managing stress and you will keep a clear head during this crazy time.
  4. Walk as much as possible – Park your car in the furthest spot in the mall parking lot and get that extra walk in. Take the stairs. Go for a walk after your Christmas dinner to digest instead of sitting on the couch. It’s the little things that add up!
  5. Yoga and meditation – Incorporate a yoga class into your workout routine. You will feel revitalized. It’s important to connect with your mind and body and remember what is truly important this holiday season.
Beach House Lifestyle

Carry On Essentials

November 19, 2013

As the holiday season is approaching, so is the need for a small winter getaway to some place warm and relaxing!

One thing you don’t need to stress about when traveling during the holiday season is your carry on. We here at Beach House Swimwear, believe it’s very important to have all of your essentials with you, so that trip is as relaxing as possible.


  1. Headphones are a must! First off, it’s expensive to buy them on the airline, and half the time they don’t even work. These stylish headphones from Frends will not only block out all the unwanted sound on your flight, but will also provide you total bliss and comfort.
  2. Gum always comes in handy for take off and landing.
  3. Spending hours in the air, your skin tends to feel very dry and uncomfortable. This Laura Mercier Foundation is lightweight and adds a healthy glow to the skin. Just throw it in your bag, and apply when you land. Your face will feel awake and refreshed!
  4. Scarfs are always a must as they can double in keeping you warm as a blanket or a pillow.
  5. As we said before (see #3) after hours in the air, your skin will feel very dry, the best thing to do is nurture them with some lotion. We love Eucerin calming cream!
  6. A travel pillow! No explanation needed to why this is on our must have list during a flight.
  7. After trying to cram into a small space to get comfortable, a lot of the time your hair becomes wild (especially if you’re the middle seat!) Whip out a small brush, and quickly tame the hair.
  8. Magazines for entertainment and catching up on your latest fashion trends.
  9. And lastly, a chap stick for when your lips get dry, and lipstick for a pop of color when you’re coming off the plane. (They say all you need is a bold lip and you’re set!)

Also, if you’ve got enough room, and don’t want to wait to unpack, throw in one of our stylish swimsuit options for a quick dip in the pool as soon as you arrive!