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Designer Studio Spotlight: Be Pink

October 9, 2015


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with that, comes our annual collaboration with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. “Be Pink” by Beach House is inspired by the brave women fighting every day in the ongoing battle against breast cancer.

The team behind the pieces wanted the swimwear to make our customers feel strong and beautiful. The collection is both sophisticated and chic, with tried and true silhouettes.

Our key shapes this season are the twist front tankini, the figure-flattering bandini, ultra-feminine skirted bottoms, and our beach to boardwalk cover up dresses.

The color palette for “Be Pink” is a rich Admiral, bright Coconut White, and our vibrant Baja Pink. Time-honored traditional stripes, ornate florals, modern geos, and textured pique fabric create elevated and gorgeous swimsuits.

Shop the collection here and shop for a cause. 


Beach House Fashion Beach House Lifestyle

5 Reasons To Wear A Tankini

May 8, 2015

Summer has arrived, which means it’s time to update your swimwear with new looks that are both fresh and fashionable. To get the most out of your swimwear collection, try the tankini. With so many options – like skirts, high-waisted bottoms, bandeau necklines and halter tops – you can reinvent your beach look time and time again. Whether you’re looking for a modest two-piece that keeps you safe from the sun or something to keep you cool and comfortable in the blazing heat, check out our selection of tankini separates at Beach House.

One of my favorite things about wearing bikinis was that I could dictate my style and comfort by buying separate tops and bottoms to fit my mood, taste, and body. Luckily, I can still keep my favorite tops and just replace the bottoms with a size up or down. The adjustable Bottoms pictured allow customized coverage with the side-tie feature. Love them! 

Mix-and-matching is also a great way for me to showcase my best self. For instance, I’m a bit pear-shaped, so matching a fun top with darker bottoms helps distract the eye from my larger bottom and adds emphasis to my struggling bust. This Ship Shape Stripe Tankini uses mixed patterns to bolster the bust, while the high-waisted bottoms subtly smooth my curves and give me the coverage I need.

Speaking of coverage, I really like walking around a bit more covered up. With the right tankini, more coverage doesn’t have to be less sexy. In fact, it’s even possible to look slimmer in the right style. Fitted tops like this Castaway Geo top can do so much more for a girl with curves than can an exposing bikini. And for those who want that extra protection from the sun, save the greasy sunscreen and wear something a little more modest instead. Sometimes, more is more.

Another thing I loved about bikinis (that carries over into tankinis) was being able to play with the neckline. Halters, bandeau, and over-the-shoulder tops all carry different functions. Halters tend to provide more support, while over-the-shoulder gives more of a classic look and feel. I usually go for bandeaus that come with removable straps so I can achieve a better tan but still have support when I need it. I also really like unique features, like the chain strap on this Fly Away Tankini. It’s fun, chic, and all kinds of classy.

I don’t know about you, but my life is complicated enough; I’m not looking for ways to make it harder. And let’s be honest, it’s not easy getting in and out of a one-piece swimsuit. Tankinis are comfortable, easy to wear, and perfect for a hassle-free vacation. The best part: many styles can easily be mistaken as street clothes, meaning no more changing in and out of swimwear for that quick run to the store. (Take that bikini!) My favorite look pairs a cute top with a chic skirt (see Montauk Dot Tankini) for functional fashion at the beach and beyond.

I might be a mother, but I still like to play dress up. That’s right, I feel pretty in a nice dress, especially one that keeps me cool and comfortable in the summer’s hot sun. This Myrtle Beach A-Line Tankini mimics those feelings and is perfect for those who like to dress it up. It’s light and flowy with a bow feature that adds a nice feminine touch. I love that it hides my midsection, accentuates my bust, and offsets my pear-shaped body.

Beach House Lifestyle

Summertime Secrets for Fun in the Sun

March 26, 2015

headerSummer is coming, and we couldn’t be more excited about warmer temperatures, longer days, and – most of all – fun in the sun. To help get you ready for beach season, we’ve compiled a short list of summer secrets to enhance your experience. (Also, don’t forget to step up your summer swim style with our latest swimwear collections.)

Have you ever dropped your phone in the water, gotten sand in the speakers, or spilled sunscreen all over it? These are annoying occurrences at the beach or pool, but you can’t just leave your phone at home. Try sealing it in a clear sandwich bag to keep it safe. The best part: the touch screen will still work!

No matter where you go, there will always be people out to get you (and your stuff). Yeah, some public beaches have lockers to secure your personal items. Or, you could make grandma stay back as a watchdog. The better solution: put your things into an old lotion bottle (non-transparent), unused diaper, or anything that doesn’t scream, “I’m expensive!” If someone steals your diaper, shame on him!

There’s nothing more annoying than coming back to the car after a long day at the beach and getting sand all over the interior. What’s worse is walking sand into the house or getting it stuck in your upholstery. While some locations have showers and feet washing stations, it’s a hassle and sometimes still impossible to effectively remove every grain. Next time, try rubbing baby powder on your feet and watch the sand fall right off. It’s magic!

On your next beach trip, bring along a light fitted sheet to use as a sand barrier. Simply place bags or coolers at each of the corners and pull the sheet upward to create walls that will keep sand and stones out of your space. Hint: stay away from heavy flannel or dark-colored sheets to keep things cool.

Nothing says you’re ready for summer quite like some healthy highlights. Many people’s hair naturally lightens with exposure to the sun. Others elect to take frequent trips to the salon to achieve the look. Did you know that you can accelerate your natural ‘lights with lemon juice and a few hours of sunshine? It’s subtle, natural, and healthy for your hair!





Beach House and Haymarket Designs!

July 30, 2014

We’ve partnered with our friends at Haymarket Designs to bring you the ultimate summer giveaway! Enter to win a Custom tote bag filled with a custom koozie, Beach House swimsuit of your choice, and tumbler! Giveaway ends August 3 at 11:59 PST. Winners will be notified by email.

Enter on the form below – good luck!

Thanks to our friends at,, and for featuring our giveaway!

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Time for a Daycation

May 16, 2014

The summer, while meant to be relaxing and calming, can easily be the most stressful time for those of us with kids. Instead of lovely days lounging by the pool, we’re packing the Suburban full of kids, and hauling them off to playdates, summer camps, birthday parties, and school orientation. By time Labor Day rolls around, we barely feel as if we’ve connected with our children on their time off, let alone had any time to enjoy the beautiful weather. What’s a woman to do? It’s time for a daycation.


First things first – figure out when is best for your family. Is there a day your kids can miss camp, or a Saturday where there isn’t anything planned? Once you’ve got the date planned, try and check out what the weather is going to be (if it’s within the next ten days, otherwise you might not be able to check!). If you’re thinking of an outdoor activity, you might want to have a backup plan in the case of in-climate weather – nobody wants to be trekking around on a family hike in the pouring rain.

Next, figure out what activity you’d like to do most that you might not have done as a group before. Trips to the local water park, amusement parks, or even to see the minor league baseball team play are always great, and get the family out of the house for some memory-making time. Try to appeal to as many preferences as you can! One great way to plan several day trips is to each pick a place, put them all in a hat, and pick out who goes first, second, third, etc. It provides an easy way to decide where you’re going , but you’ll have to approve the trips before putting them in the hat –  someone will ALWAYS request Disneyworld!

Thirdly, try to limit use of electronic devices during your outing – we all tend to get wrapped up in our digital worlds and lose sight of true communication! This is the time for bonding, so make the most of it while you can!


Where are you planning to daycation this year? 

Beach House News/Press Giveaways

Design Your Ultimate Swimsuit!

April 28, 2014

Are you still on the search for that elusive perfect suit? We’re here to help! One lucky winner will have the chance to work with our design team to create their ultimate swimsuit – a one-of-a-kind piece that’s fit and designed specifically for them!

Enter on the form below – good luck!

Beach House Lifestyle Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Count it Down

March 5, 2014

Count Down

We’re counting down the weeks to summer with this count-down style workout! This full body workout will tone, burn, and help you on your way to that summer body. I would recommend doing this up to three times a week – the squats and planks will hurt more than you realize at first, and you never want to over-do your workout!

NOTE: I am in NO WAY a fitness professional. Please do not take my comments to be professionally backed, nor do I know what is best for every body. I am simply sharing my personal experiences with these workouts. If you are unsure if you should be doing a particular workout, please consult your doctor first.

Beach House Count Down

Positives: The constant changing of moves kept me from feeling bored during my workout. The count down style also helped me to keep moving whenever I began to feel like I wanted to give up – knowing that the next step was ten less was a great motivation factor! I definitely felt the burn in my legs and abs, since I’m typically a runner rather than a core-workout girl, and this worked a completely new set of muscles for me. Another benefit of this is being able to do it whenever and wherever you are able – the whole workout takes under ten minutes and since you don’t need any props, you can do it without going to the gym.

Negatives: I felt the need to check online that I was doing the right postures for some of these moves, particularly the squats. If you’re doing it wrong (extending your knees over your toes), you’re actually not really doing much, and the time you’ve spent working out has basically become null and void. It’s definitely something you’d want to have a friend oversee, so you can ensure you’re doing everything properly.

Reaction: You absolutely feel the burn. Since it’s a full body workout, you feel it just about everywhere, which I both loved and hated. Muscles I’d never worked were aching the next morning, and immediately after I felt like I had really done a great workout.

Overall: I’d give this a 7/10. I love the circuit of the count down, and was a lot more tired from this than I anticipated. However, I struggle with maintaining proper form, which makes this something I have to really concentrate on to make sure I’m doing it right.


Tried this workout? Have another one you’d like us to try? Let us know

Beach House Lifestyle Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Barre-tique

February 26, 2014

Reef Week 2

It’s week two of our Workout Wednesday series, and we’re heading to a Barre-Tique class over at Back Stage Studio to get a glimpse at what gives dancers such toned bodies. This workout will require a light weight and a stable bar or surface (think ballet studio bar). It’s a core-infused fitness class that brings together elements of dance, yoga, pilates, and stretching. It is not a dance class, but rather couples choreographed movements that are designed to burn cellulite and give you a long lean dancers body. This work out is great for those of us that HATE the gym and like low impact training with high impact results!

NOTE: I am in NO WAY a fitness professional. Please do not take my comments to be professionally backed, nor do I know what is best for every body. I am simply sharing my personal experiences with these workouts. If you are unsure if you should be doing a particular workout, please consult your doctor first.




Positives: A low impact structure with the same sore muscles as a high impact work-out. The next day you know your body has been challenged even though you didn’t spend the day at the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I say low impact because there is no jumping or running but it is still an intense work-out! Between the deep stretching and the slow controlled movements with a weight it definitely makes you sweat. In the end, if you love a work-out that you know is toning your muscles then this is for you (and me).

Negatives: Depending on your fitness level, I miss the high impact (walking, running) just a little. You are also VERY sore the next day(s), so make sure not to have a strenuous day planned after your work-out.

Reaction: Two days later, I’m still a little sore, which is a love/hate relationship.

Overall: I’d give this a 8/10. It’s a great workout to tone. I would recommend doing Barre-Tique two-three times a week.


Tried this workout? Have another one you’d like us to try? Let us know!

Beach House Lifestyle Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Summer Shape Up

February 19, 2014

I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit to being a Pinterest junkie. In whatever free time I have, I often find myself perusing Pinterest and pinning dozens upon dozens of things I know I’ll never buy, make, eat, or do. I’ve got entire boards dedicated to the dream home I don’t own, the crafts I don’t have the time to make, and the foods I’ll never attempt to make in my tiny little kitchen. However, I am making an attempt to change that, and bringing you along for the ride. We’re getting in shape for summer, Pinterest style.

Every week, I’ll be delving into my Pinterest bank and giving an honest effort at one ten-minute or under workout. We’re all busy juggling work, social lives, and families, and none of us are willing to waste what little free time we have on something that isn’t beneficial. Consider me your internet filter, helping you find fun, quick workouts that actually make a difference.

NOTE: I am in NO WAY a fitness professional. Please do not take my comments to be professionally backed, nor do I know what is best for every body. I am simply sharing my personal experiences with these workouts. If you are unsure if you should be doing a particular workout, please consult your doctor first.

Workout Wednesday - Week 1

We’ll kick off this series with an eight-minute ab workout from Pumps & Iron. My best friend has always helped me do an 8-minute ab series, but after a while of doing the same routine, your body becomes too used to it, and the workout becomes less and less effective. I spotted this 8-Minute Abs, 2.0 and after noticing that they weren’t moves I’d tried yet, decided to give it a shot.


8 Minute Abs


Positives: The graphics provided made the moves easy to understand and execute, even though they hadn’t necessarily been moves I’d done before. The workout moves at a great pace, changing up movements every 45 seconds, while the eight-minute timing makes it easy to do before work, before your nightly shower, or any other time you might have a few spare minutes. It’s also a prop-free workout, meaning I didn’t have to buy weights, a mat, or any other workout materials before starting.

Negatives: I did this on my wooden bedroom floor, so some of the ones that required me to be laying on my back hurt my spine a bit, which was more my own fault. As a result of an existing back injury, I had to refrain from the butt lifts, and substituted by doing an additional 30-second plank.

Overall: I’d give this a 6/10. There’s a good chance I wasn’t actually doing the moves correctly, since I didn’t feel as much as I felt I should’ve when I woke up this morning. I’m definitely not in shape, but the ab-burning morning-after feeling I’d been expecting was non-existent. Other than that, I felt like it was a really good workout, with the perfect way of switching it up every 45 seconds. I’d never realized how long 45 seconds can be, which made this workout feel like it was really making a difference. However, I’ll have to invest in a better stopwatch than my phone – it’s a pain to keep stopping and resetting my timer. Other than that, I loved not being completely out of breath, but still felt like I’d done a solid workout!


Tried this workout? Let us know what you think!